About Our Company

With three locations in the Memphis, TN area, Forever Fit is a premium health club devoted to helping our clients achieve results that they never thought were possible. By offering a fitness program that is designed with your specific goals and needs in mind, we can concentrate on what's most important to you. Through adaptive personal training tactics and expert nutrition coaching, we will help you improve your levels of health and fitness.

For over 20 years, Forever Fit has provided a wide variety of clients with a wellness coach who has their best interests in mind. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get ripped, or simply improve your fitness, working with a certified personal trainer and nutritionist at Forever Fit  is the best way to achieve all of your fitness goals. Give us a call or come into one of our three locations and discover the benefit of working with an experienced personal trainer today!



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  • Clark Tower
    5100 Poplar Avenue Ste 700
    Memphis, TN 38117
  • Lenox Park
    6745 Lenox Park Court Ste 112
    Memphis, TN 38115
  • The Crescent Center
    6075 Poplar Ave Ste. B100
    Memphis, TN 38119

Why Choose Us

  • We Have Been In Business For Over 20 Years!
  • We Can Help You Reach All of Your Fitness Goals!
  • We Will Help You Develop Healthy Habits!


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